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Into the Known Unknown: Curator Baraka de Soleil’s Pre-Reflections on Moving Dialog “Crossover” Event at Hyde Park Art Center

This Monday, September 16th, our first fall Moving Dialog kicks off at Hyde Park Art Center[HPAC] at 6pm – Crossover.  It is a unique union with HPAC’s ArtBar event. Within this evening experience, there will be a discussion with participating artists:  Tony Orrico,  Susan Marshall and Anthony Romero. The intent of this dialog is to cultivate consciousness surrounding what may be deemed unknown to us, “different” ; inviting opportunities for new discoveries, ways we can talk about art forms that may be unfamiliar or seemingly simple.   We’ll seek to “create meaningful connections among disparate, unequal and unexpected partners”++.  we’ll do that by exploring practices that are “hybrid, non-linear, intercultural and interdisciplinary. “++

What is hybrid? Intercultural? Interdisciplinary?  Why explore these terms, these practices? We’ll further excavate what those terms mean to US inside this dialog. Yes “US”.  i have an idea and you have a thought…and what we come up with together will be exciting.  New.  Maybe this means we’ll be crafting a ‘hybrid‘; composed of intercultural discussions which reflect witnessing interdisciplinary practices? We’ll see. And that’s the fun part, the unknown as well… it all plays into our contemporary reality. The contemporary world is “moving away from a largely static and passive experience to a more dynamic participatory interrelationship with art, media and technology.”++ Our views are shifting from what we have become accustomed to and this can ignite some anxiety.  How can we craft ‘bridges” that will aid in this shift?

When artists experiment, they open up a space or potential bridge for exploring this shift.  This space challenges how we relate and identify with the created work, each other and our individual selves. While we may try to categorize the work, naming it can be difficult and elusive; especially within an intercultural phenomena or new setting.  The beauty of this practice is that unknown space; it allows room for us to discover language to describe it.  This language is evolving…as the art evolves. 

With these three artists, it has been about the body, and its movement in relation to other disciplines, elements and materials. The relationship continues to shift and evolve dependent on the artist & their aesthetic. In speaking in terms of “dance”, each artist has found his/her correlation in intriguing ways.

— For some, their relationship to dance has inspired the other disciplines they have crossed over into: how physical impulses manifest into visible forms.

— Or perhaps a relationship to other disciplines has further inspired the dance: thinking about what got them into dance in the first place.

— And then there is the simultaneous relationship with dance & other disciplines or forms that serve the overall creative work: allowing them to settle into a practice that embraces collaboration, activity or movement. 

Which artist has which correlation? i have my thoughts, what are yours?  Anthony*, Susan and Tony will be present on Monday to share what they feel are their relationships to dance, to other disciplines or forms. Their “practices” will be on display throughout various spaces within Hyde Park Art Center; alongside other visual works and participatory activities.   please join us for Crossover to explore and discuss.


*For this event, Anthony will be joined by musician Michael Caskey and students from The Dance Center and Photography department of Columbia College Chicago; with support from Lisa Gonzales, Peter Fitzpatrick, Laura Bauknecht and Sage Morgan-Hubbard.

++these phrases were drawn from article/abstract “Hybrid Aesthetics: Art As Dynamic Signification” {2002} by Carlos Rosas & Simone Osthoff, both professors at the School of Visual Arts at Penn State University. 

Monday, September 16th: Crossover
A hybrid Moving Dialog ARTBar event
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S Cornell Ave.


Moving Dialogs: Diversity + Dance, a six part series bringing together leading artists with audiences to discuss timely cultural and societal topics through the lens of dance, is funded in part by the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance, the Illinois Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Illinois General Assembly. Special Thanks to The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Producing Partner for the Spring & Fall series of Moving Dialogs: Diversity + Dance. Venue Partners for the Fall series include: Hyde Park Art Center, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. Venue Partners for the Spring series include: The Old Town School of Folk Music, the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.  


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