PROGRAM – Thursday, Sept 18

9:30pm Chicago Tap Theatre

   Strobe (2014)
Choreography: Mark Yonally
Music: deadmau5, arranged by Kurt Schweitz
Dancers: Rich Ashworth, Kirsten Uttich, Jennifer Yonally, Mark Yonally

   Skating (2014)
Choreography: Caleb Teicher
Music: Vince Guaraldi, arranged by Kurt Schweitz
Dancers: Rich Ashworth, Jennifer Yonally, Mark Yonally

9:45pm Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre

  La Abandonada/The Abandoned Woman
Choreography: Susana di Palma
Dancer: Deborah Elias
Flamenco Percussion: Trevor May
Music: F. Chopin

This is an excerpt from the full length production Locas Mujeres based on the poems by the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral.

10:00pm Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater

Founder & Artistic Director: Dame Libby Komaiko
Associate Artistic Director: Irma Suarez Ruiz
Executive Director: Jorge Perez
Dancers: Claudia Pizarro & Jose Torres (Principal Dancers), with Julia Hinojosa, Crystal Ruiz, Leticia Aravena, Juan Castellon, Freddie Rocha, Nestor Corona, Leonard Perez, Amanda Saucedo, and Frida Medina.

  Rendicion (Rendition) (Contemporary Flamenco)
Choreographer & Costume Design (2013): Irma Suarez Ruiz
Music: David Pena Dorantes, Pianist
Costume Production: Luz Creations
Lighting Design: Margaret Nelson
Dancers: Company

  Aludir a Lo Que Fue (Alluding to What Was) (Neo Classical)
Choreographers and Dancers (2013): Leticia Aravena and Juan Castellon
Music: : Thomas Newman
Costume & Lighting Design: Dancers
Costume Production: Luz Creations

  El Baile de Luis Alonso (The dance of Luis Alonso) (Spanish Classical Ballet)
Choreography and Costume Design (2010): Irma Suarez Ruiz
Costume production: Luz Creations
Music: Geronimo Giménez (1854-1923)
Lighting Design: Margaret Nelson
Dancers: Company

  La Luna (Flamenco/Folkloric Sevillanas from Seville)
Staging & Costume Design (2012): Traditional –Dame Libby Komaiko
Music: Las Corraleras De Lebrija
Costume Production: Luz Creations
Lighting Design: Elias Morales
Dancers: Claudia Pizarro & Jose Torres, Principal Dancers and Company

10:15pm Intermission/Prize Drawing

10:30pm SuperGroup

  In Which ______ and Others Discover the End [excerpt] — Premiere 2015
Created by: SuperGroup (Sam Johnson, Jeffrey Wells, Erin Search-Wells) and Rachel Jendrzejewski
Original Music: Brute Heart
Performers: Hannah Kramer, Jeffrey Wells, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Sam Johnson, and Stephanie Stoumbelis

10:45pm Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre

   The Force Backwards (2013)
Choreography: Netta Yerushalmy
Dancers: Philip Elson, Juli Farely,  Sarah Gonsiorowski, Omar Hernandez
Music: David Dzubay
Costumes: Vin Reed

11:00pm Patrick Scully

  Boat Ballet (video)

  Segments from Leaves of Grass – Uncut
Performers: Patrick Scully and  Jacob Carrigan, David DeBlieck Gadu (Kats)  Fukasawa Schmitz, Jim Lieberthal, Michael Engel, Robert Skafte Dennis Yelken Robert Haarman Jesse Neumann-Peterson Brian Evans Dustin Haug Chini Yeniel Perez, Ryan Pusch Roman Morris Blake Nellis Jeremy Bensussan and Tristan Koepke

11:15pm Khecari

   Esther & the Omphali (2014)
Choreography and Direction: Jonathan Meyer
Dancers: Josh Anderson and Edson Cabrera
Music creation and performance: Sarah Morgan
Costumes: Jeff Hancock

11:30pm BodyCartography Project

  The Empaths (excerpt of Part 2 which will premiere fall 2015)
Performers: Otto Ramstad, Olive Bieringa, Dolo McComb, Anna Marie Shogren, Justin Jones, and Sam Johnson

The Empaths will use movement to reveal the connection between how we feel, how we think and how we act. This new dance work will unfold in two parts. Part 1 will consist of a one-on-one performance that moves through the city followed by short conversational interviews that reflect on movement, behavior and transformation. Part 2 will be an evening length performance and collective experience in the theater.