PROGRAM – Wednesday, Sept 17

8:30pm  Chris Schlichting

  Stripe Tease (excerpt) – Premier 2015
Choreography by Chris Schlichting in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Mary Ann Bradley, Tristan Koepke, Krista Langberg, Dustin Maxwell, Laura Selle-Virtucio, and Max Wirsing,
Sound design: Jeremy Ylvisaker

Stripe Tease is an National Performance Network Creation Fund Project created in partnership with the Walker Art Center, Legion Arts, American Dance Institute, and NPN. Additional support is provided by the Jerome Foundation.

8:45pm Peter Carpenter Performance Project

  Rituals of Abundance for Lean Times #10: Entanglements of Power [excerpt] — 2013
Choreography: Peter Carpenter in collaboration with the ensemble
Ensemble:  Carpenter, Margi Cole, Emily Loar, Matthew McMunn
Original Music: Don Nichols
Costumes: Jeff Hancock

9:00pm James Sewell Ballet

  Outerborough – 2013
Choreography: James Sewell
Composer: Michael Lowenstern, Todd Reynolds, Bill Ryan
Costumes: Fritz Masten
Dancers: Anton LaMon, Cory Goei, Shohei Iwahama, Kelly Vittetoe, Chris Hannon, Nic Lincoln, Eve Schulte, Nicky Coehlo, and Brittany Keefe

  Silk Road (2014)
Choreography: James Sewell
Composer: Yo Yo Ma, Silk Road Ensemble
Costumes: Fritz Masten
Dancers: Shohei Iwahama, Kelly Vittetoe, Chris Hannon, Nic Lincoln, Eve Schulte, Nicky Coehlo, and Deanna Gooding

9:15pm DanceWorks Chicago

  Nocturnal Sense (excerpt)
Choreography: James Gregg
Dancers: Imani English, Kody Jauron, Liv Schaffer, Sarah Elizabeth Stockman, Cole Vernon, Matt Wenckowski
Music: Antonio Vivaldi. Music performed by Phillippe Jaroussky
Lighting:  Todd L. Clark
Costumes: VIN
There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses. –Diane Ackerman

  Call the Whole Thing Off
Choreography: Harrison McEldowney
Dancers: Sarah Elizabeth Stockman and Matt Wenckowski
Music: Sammy Cahn, Mose Allison, George & Ira Gershwin
Lighting: Todd L. Clark
Costumes: Yo Ma Ma
Men’s jumpsuit: Jeremy Plummer

9:30pm TU Dance

  High Heel Blues
Choreography: Uri Sands
Music: Tuck and Patti
Original Lighting Design: Jeff Bartlett
Recreated Lighting Design: Carolyn Wong
Costumes: Toni Pierce-Sands and Alec Donovan

High Heel Blues is a playful duet about knowing what is good for us.  It is the story of one woman’s infatuation and the charm of a smooth salesman.

9:45pm The Space/Movement Project

  The Dismantlers [excerpt]–2014
Choreography: The Space Movement ProjectPerformers: Larisa Eastman, Allyson Esposito, Anne Kasdorf, Leah Raffanti, Dylan Roth, Megan Schneeberger and Nora Sharp
Music: Shelly Steffens

10:00pm Rosy Simas

  We Wait In The Darkness
Choreography: Rosy Simas
Performer: Rosy Simas
Original music score: François Richomme
Film: Rosy Simas with contributions from Douglas Beasley

10:15pm Red Clay Dance

  On Hallowed Ground [excerpt] – 2013
Performers: Gingie Perry, Tiffany Monique, Chaniece Holmes, Sara Ziglar, Ysaye McKeever
Music: original composition by Alpha Diallo

10:30pm Hijack

  redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye [excerpt] – 2013/4
Choreography and Performance: HIJACK — Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder
Soundscore: HIJACK; sources — Schubert, crap from the internet
Styling: Naomi Joy

10:45pm Chicago Dance Crash

Performers: Daniel Gibson, Mary Tarpley, Kaitlin Webster, David Ingram, Chantelle Mrowka, Pammy Pavia, Katelyn Bevis

   Structured Freestyle By The Dancers
Music: Florence and the Machine

  Hum 8 Bars [excerpt]
Choreography: Jessica Deahr
Music: Sam Cooke

  Tron: End of Line [excerpt]
Choreography: Jessica Deahr
Music: Boretta

11:00pm Flying Foot Forum

  I Saw Esau
Choreography and Music: Joe Chvala
Performers: Joe Chvala, Karla Grotting, Peter O’Gorman, and Charles Robison
Sound design: Cody Anderson

11:15pm Giordano Dance Chicago

   JOLT [excerpt] — 2012
Choreographer: Autumn Eckman with Concept and Structure by Nan Giordano
Music: Evan Bivins
Performers: Devin Buchanan, Joshua Blake Carter, Ashley Downs, Zachary Heller,
Maeghan McHale, Katie Rafferty, Martin Ortiz Tapia

  Gravity (2009)
Choreographer: Lindsey Leduc
Music: Sarah Bareilles
Performers: Rachael Berube, Sean Rozanski

  EXit4 [excerpt] — 2013
Choreographer: Roni Koresh
Music: DJ Nadar, Greg Smith, Jonathan Lee Bowels, Le Trio Joubran
Performers: Devin Buchanan, Joshua Blake Carter, Zachary Heller, Sean Rozanski,
Martin Ortiz Tapia

  Sabroso [excerpt] — 2011
Music: Monguito Santamaria, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Eddi Palmieri, Machito
Performers: Rachael Berube, Devin Buchanan, Joshua Blake Carter, Ashley Downs, Zachary Heller, Maeghan McHale, Katie Rafferty, Martin Ortiz Tapia